Congratulations on snapping up one of my exclusive Sibling Boutique sessions!

This handy dandy session guide will tell your everything you need to know about how to best prepare for your session, ensuring that everyone has a great time.

My studio is located in the top right unit of 162 Kendal Avenue, Burnside. There should be parking on the street outside and a sign on our door – no need to knock, just come on up!

We may take some videos for our instagram story @hazelandcass so don’t forget to check that out later on to see your little ones featured!





  • Your session will run for 1-1.5 hours and is scheduled back-to-back with others.

  • Make sure that you arrive on time so that we can make the most our of our time together, but wait in the car if you arrive early – other clients may still be upstairs.

  • I provide a selection of dresses for the girls, but if there is anything special you would like them to wear, simply bring them along dressed in that outfit.

  • This selection is very limited for boys over 14 months, so bring them along in suitable shorts and a nice top. Stick to lighter, natural tones and textures.

  • If your little ones are confident with strangers, I find it is best if you stand back a bit. This way I can keep their full attention on me.

  • My sister Maddy will likely take some videos throughout, which will be later posted to the Hazel&Cass Instagram and Facebook pages. Please refrain from taking any photos and videos yourself during the actual photo session as they can become distracted if there are too many cameras.

  • After the photo session, the kids can pick from a lucky dip that will keep them entertained while I load the photos onto the computer and show you a selection of roughly 10-15 to choose from.

  • There is the option to buy any extra images for $35 each if you wish, but there is absolutely no pressure to do so!





  • A week or two after your session, we’ll send you you’re online gallery via email.

  • Make sure to tag us @hazelandcass on instagram so that we can see what you think!

  • You will also be prompted to choose which image you’d like framed. You can check out our designs here, and let us know via email if you’d like to upgrade to something bigger.

  • Pick up will be on Friday 00th of Month from 10-12 at the studio, where you’ll collect your frame and personalised photo cookies!


siblings frames.jpg