Triplet Session

Featuring my session that went viral in 2017 in Facebook. “One of New Zealand’s leading newborn photographers has captured a sibling bond. Christchurch photographer Cassandra English from Hazel&Cass took photos when the redhead triplets were just 31 days old. This kind of session is a rare occurrence in New Zealand photography, so Cassandra organised videographer Emma Smart to take a video to show the magic behind this sessi

Quadruplet Session

“New Zealand's leading newborn photographer has once again captured sibling magic - this time with the country's first set of quadruplets in 25 years. Cassandra English, of Hazel&Cass, made waves both nationally and internationally when her photography session of a set of redhead triplets went viral in August last year - with one video alone gaining 10 million views.”


Identical Twin Girls & Fresh Flowers

See our journey in creating the beautiful portrait of the twins from start to finish.


Meet my daughter/business partner Hazel. My new assistant in training... When she grows up she wants to be a newborn photographer.


Seven Sharp 2017

A behind the scenes look into my newborn sessions along with safety tips.

The details