Internationally recognised photographer of tiny humans

Cassandra English creates warm timeless documents of the many little lives that are bundled though her studio doors. went from a corporate world in graphic design, to a full-time career in newborn photography, and had two babies of her own along the way. She only realised how incredible newborns were when she had her daughter Hazel. Cass instantly knew what she had to do: capture the innocence and beauty of these perfect, tiny humans.

It’s Cassandra’s creative passion for her work, coupled with her technical skills in photography and design that sets her apart from others in the industry. In fact, one of her photography sessions went viral internationally – for all the right reasons: Cassandra captured sibling magic in each frame with an adorable set of red-headed triplets. From a business that was created less than three years ago in Christchurch, New Zealand, to having her work viewed millions of times around the world, Cassandra knows that it is a privilege to freeze a second in time in the rushing torrent of development, preserving a unique moment in a new life that will never be the same again.


Triplet session - behind the scenes. Macy, Toby & Sadie.

Quadruplet session - behind the scenes. Quinn, Indie, Hudson & Molly

Tiny photographer of tiny dolls. My daughter/business partner, Hazel. 

Seven Sharp 2017

Concept to final product

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