What to expect:

As a newborn model for my mentoring your baby will be used to help me teach another photographer what I do.  I normally only keep you there for about 2-3 hours but your session is free and you receive 4 beautiful high resolution digital images for your time. ( worth $900). Chosen by the photographer. My booked clients are my top priority so your baby’s images can take longer to receive.  

Now, some babies don’t always cooperate on the day of their first “model shoot” and that’s okay BUT….there are some babies, that are like putty in my hands and they just sleep the entire time. I like to refer to these newborns as Rock Stars because without them it’s very hard to get through all that I have to teach my students.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s important for my attendees to see how I handle the “fussy” baby so it’s good to have a mixture of both.

Unlike my paying clients, my model babies don’t get to customise their session because they are there so that I can teach specific poses and setups. So if your new baby has an older sibling or if you want family pictures then it’s best to book a “real” session with me or another photographer. (This is if I am not using your family for teaching family photos).

As my workspace in not very big I so ask that you bring only 1 support person with you (husband, mum etc). Unless siblings are needed for the photoshoot please do not bring them along. 

I do apologise in advance , I wont be talking  with you much during the session. My main focus will be on my student, so feel free to bring a book or something to do during the session. 

Please read and follow the session guide before the session to best prepare yourself and baby for the day. (You don't have to fill in the contract in the session guide, but the one below). 

Mentoring Model Contract and Model Release Form

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