Mentoring Terms and Conditions

Hazel&Cass accepts no responsibility or liability for how the workshop participants may use any information or techniques taught during my 1:1 mentoring sessions.  Hazel&Cass also accepts no liability for variation of results when the techniques and advice is applied to any given scenario by the student.

Any notes given by Hazel&Cass are not to be copied or sold and remain the intellectual property of Hazel&Cass.

Posing during the workshop will be done solely by Cassandra English. Cassandra English is fully responsible for the babies modelling during the session and has liability insurance to cover her should anything happen.

I agree that I will not use any of the information obtained at the workshop to start my own workshops or mentoring within 1 year of the session. Nor will I pass on specific details and information that Cassandra English has openly shared.

I agree that any photographs I take at the workshop remain the copyright of Hazel&Cass; and that I may use a small portion of photographs on my FB page or blog but I must credit Hazel&Cass and link to the Hazel&Cass FB Page.