Happy Father’s Day!

You must be a pretty super dad for someone to have bought you this awesome gift.

If you’re a bit apprehensive about this whole ~photoshoot~ thing – don’t worry, most people are to begin with and you’ll quickly warm up once you see that we’re not going to make you do anything horribly painful or cheesy.

This session guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to best prepare for your session, and there’s a contact form down the bottom if you need to get in touch.

My studio is located in the top right unit of 162 Kendal Avenue, Burnside. There should be parking on the street outside and a sign on our door – no need to knock, just come on up!





  • The session will run for up to 30 minutes and is scheduled back-to-back with others.

  • Remember to bring along your mini frame and pocket album to the session so that we can fill them with fine art prints of your images later on.

  • We’ll be aiming for 3 candid photos that capture the bond you share with your little one/s. I’ll be clicking the camera a lot but don’t worry, it’s only because I have to take lots of shots to get those few perfect ‘in-between’ moments amongst all the giggles.

  • Make sure that you arrive on time so that we can make the most our of our time together, but wait in the car if you arrive early – other clients may still be upstairs.

  • Dress clean and simple. Good jeans or neutral pants with a nice, plain t-shirt or top – whatever feels most comfortable for you, as long as there are no crazy patterns, colours or logos. Refrain from wearing white business shirts as these can loo a bit too stark and formal. Ideally wear a darker tones if you’d prefer the dark brown background, and a lighter tones if you’d prefer the light cream background.

  • We provide a selection of dresses for the girls up to 7 years old, and a selection of rompers for baby boys.

  • This selection is very limited for boys over 14 months, so bring them along in nice jeans/pants/shorts and a nice, plain top in case we can’t fit them.





  • A week or two after your session, we’ll send your fully edited, high quality images to you via email.

  • You’ll also be prompted to choose which images you’d like printed for your mini frame and pocket album. You can check out our larger frame options here if you’d like to order anything bigger at any point.

  • We’ll let you know in another week or two when everything is ready for pick up.





If you have any further questions or need to reschedule your session, you can get in touch below.

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