Congrats on snapping up one of our Blossom Mini sessions! Can’t wait to see you and capture some gorgeous family memories.

This session guide will tell you everything you need to know about what to expect, how to prepare and where to meet me once it’s time! So make sure to have a good read though and let us know if you have any questions. You can contact me on 021 277 1987 if you are running late on the day.





  • With outdoor family sessions I’ll pretty much just position you in the best lighting at the time, give you a few instructions about how to hold yourselves, then step back and capture you all interacting with each other.

  • I’ll call out instructions as we go (such as lean your heads closer together, tickle the kids, turn your body a bit more towards me etc.) to make sure we are getting a good variety of shots. We will aim for some of you all together, then just roll with whatever different combos and individuals the kids are up for.

  • Let me know at the start of the session if there are any specific shots or parent/child combos that you really want.

  • We are only aiming for 10 final images, so we will likely be all done with the 20 minute time frame, but there is a 10 minute buffer between each session if we need it.

  • These session will be taking place in the botanic gardens near the playground. Do not let the kids on the playground before the session as it may be impossible to get them off. Instead you can use the promise of the playground as a treat for after the session if they need a bit of persuading.

  • However, kids are usually much happier doing family shoots outdoors and it’s usually pretty easy to keep them entertained if we start shooting soon after you arrive and keep it really fun for them.





  • Dress yourselves and the kids in lighter tones as anything too dark or colourful will completely overpower the soft pink of the blossoms. So white, cream or soft pastel tops and knits are perfect. Don’t stress too much about your pants being too dark as they won’t feature heavily in the photos, though nice jeans are always good.

  • Also remember to keep it casual – office wear or dress shirts will look oddly formal in the soft, natural setting.

  • Make sure to have an extra warm layer for the kids too (especially for morning sessions) so that we can keep them toasty then whip it off just before the photos.

  • Give yourself some extra time to make sure that you are not late for the session, but try not to arrive more than 10 minutes early. If you do, we suggest waiting in the car so that the kids don’t run around and lose all their excitement before we start the session. Ideally be ready and waiting a couple minutes before your session time at the tree with the bench around it (pictured below).

  • Also see below for some maps and photos detailing where to go.