Portrait by Emma Brittenden

Portrait by Emma Brittenden

Cassandra English

Hello, I’m Cassandra, a Christchurch-based photographer who is passionate about small humans and getting creative. I specialise in the art of newborn and baby portraiture. I am a wife and a mum to toddler Hazel and baby George.

It is my combination of passion, mixed in with skill, that sets me apart – I've got the creativity, the technical ability and the patience to create images that truly stand out.

Before taking up photography as a full-time career, I gained a Visual Communications Degree and worked as a graphic designer for several agencies. It was once Hazel was born that I realised how incredible newborns/babies are. I knew instantly this was what I was meant to do – to capture the innocence and beauty of these perfect tiny humans.

Since then I have been in awe of those fleeting moments. The precious baby, I have wished for and then worried about for 9 months finally made her way into my arms. I wanted to document every tiny new detail, from her wrinkly toes to her milk spot covered nose. Before I knew it, she was then my giggling chubby 6 month old who was about to lose her baby fat once she started walking. She is now my three year and she surprises me every day with her unique personality and hilarious one-liners. These moments for me went by in the blink of an eye but I have her portraits forever to tell the story. My family’s story. One I will treasure forever.

I will be thrilled to work with your family and create memories that will you will treasure forever. 

“It’s Cassandra’s creative passion for her work, coupled with her technical skills in photography and design that sets her apart from others in the industry. In fact, one of her photography sessions went viral internationally – for all the right reasons: Cassandra captured sibling magic in each frame with an adorable set of red-headed triplets. From a business that was created less than three years ago in Christchurch, New Zealand, to having her work viewed millions of times around the world.” -

International Online Newborn Retreat with the Milky Way – Teacher
NZIPP InFocus 2018 – Speaker 
NZIPP InFocus 2018 – Sold out workshop
NZIPP IRIS 2018 – 6 awards

D-Photo Magazine Issue 83 (Cover feature)
D-Photo Magazine Issue 84 Sponsored article with Epson
OHbaby! Magazine Spring 2017
Woman's Day Magazine December 2017- Triplets
Woman’s Day Magazine December 2018 - Quadruplets
Woman’s Day Magazine June 2018. Sponsored article with Epson
New Idea magazine - Quadruplet Session
Seven Sharp TV – Behind the scenes in a newborn session and Interview. – Expert column on baby safety – Triplet Session – Quadruplet Session 
NZ Herald - Quadruplet Session - Quadruplet session
How to be a redhead – New York
The Daily Mail UK - Triplet Session
The Daily Mail UK - Quadruplet Session - Quadruplets
Kidspot Australia
Mum Central Australia
Pratical Parenting
The natural Parent magazine -Triplet session
The natural Parent magazine - Quadruplet session
Ana Brant Magazine - Multiples Issue
Ana Brant Magazine - Rainbow babies Issue
Bump & Baby Magazine - Winter 2019

Heartfelt - South Island rep
APNPI  Ambassador - Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers

Maddy | Newborn A’sister’ant

Maddy, who also happens to be my sister, is a bit of a natural when it comes to tiny humans. You will see when you come to my newborn sessions. She is also the one who goes foraging in the mornings for flowers and greenery to use in our sessions. 

Maddy is studying a degree in graphic design and helps provide an extra set of creative eyes. Having her assist at my photo shoots will ensure the utmost in newborn safety, hygiene and comfort. 

Michael English | Framer 

Mike, my husband, also known as Mr Hazel&Cass is the clever man behind our custom boutique framed art. He helps me handle the whole process from the printing of your image through to the custom building of your frame.

Mike shares my passion in creating pieces of art that are designed to withstand the test of time and hang proudly in your hallways for generations to come. 

Tiff | baby snuggler

Tiff, this lady is the biggest baby lover I know. She as been a friend of mine since I was born. She is the lovely lady talking to you over email. She also looks after my social media and sneaks in baby cuddles when she can.

Hazel & George | Our Babies

These guys are the core of our inspiration for everything we do at Hazel&Cass. Hazel is training to be a newborn photographer already.


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