Family photography works really well in and around your home, or at a scenic location that suits the look you are after.

As the photographer it is about spending a little time with your family and capturing those magical moments. My sessions is very relaxed and informal and all about capturing candid moments. All outdoor sessions are done either at sunrise, early morning or sunset. 

What to expect

  • The session takes up to an hour.
  • If you have young ones, put them down for their nap later that day, so they last the evening.
  • If you arrive to the location before me, be sure to keep you kids and babies in the car until I get there. I usually have a small window of kids attention and I wouldn't want them getting tired at the start of the shoot. 
  • Makeup: Wear a little more heavier then usual. If you don't wear makeup usually put a little bit on. 
  • For younger kids especially babies I have a very short window of attention span, so in this case I will move through the session as fast as possible to maximise this. Babies don't usually smile for every single photo, but the simple stares are still really gorgeous. 
  • Bring snacks, water and any cuddly toys, special blankets and favourite books for the young ones. 
  • Be prepared to get a little wet if we are doing a beach shoot. So bring a towel or two. 

Where do you want to do your photo shoot?

Family images can be done in a variety of locations. If you don't already have anywhere in mind, here are my go-to options:

Sunset & Sunrise only | The Beach - Spencer Park

Early Morning 9:30am & Sunset | Waimack River (Woodland area and a few min walk away we are at a nice stoney river) 

What to wear

  •  Avoid logos and big printed patterns- aim for your clothing to be simple, elegant, classic and timeless.  Same for big printed patterns on tee-shirts, checks, and stripes.
  • Try and find outfits that are textured and detailed. Chunky wool knits, ruffles, scarves, beading, embroidery, furs, smoking lace, detailed trims. Basically anything with a natural fibres.  This helps create a 3 dimensional feel to your images.
  • Wear colours and tones that are harmonious with each other. For example you can go either all natural earthy tones, peachy light cream tones, or bright jewel colours. Aim to have 3 tones/colours. 
  • A good place to start is to find a 'hero' piece of clothing. Usually for the mums, babies or daughters. From here you can pull out the the colours and match the rest of the family that compliment the her piece.

For the wee girls:
I recommend dresses. If the rest of your family is wearing plain cloths your we girl/girls can wear statement piece. Don't be afraid of patterns and lots of layers. Little pair of boots, slip on shoes look lovely, barefoot. 
I will bring headbands if you wish to have your girl wearing one. I have small organic delicate tiebacks that wont take away form their natural beauty.

For the wee lads:
Suspenders, rolled up jeans, rompers, dungarees, Singlets, scarves and trendy hats. Converse shoes and barefoot.

Bonnets, knitted pieces and Rompers.

Brown chinos, snug pair of tidy jeans. Tidy fitting tshirts, polo or button up shirts. 

Less is more. One beautiful accent piece can be the star of the show. Mums, nice bold necklaces that match the colours of what your family is wearing. Scarves and nice big hats. Bonnets for wee girls are timeless, denim jackets.

For styling inspiration check out my Pintrest board in the below link: 

Recommended Shopping Links

Kids & Babies ( Great dresses for girls) (great for basics and boys) (Beautiful classic pieces form all over the world) (My favourite. Smock dresses, Mary Jane shoes etc.)

Mums (lots of good dresses)


After the session

  • In roughly 1-2 weeks you will receive an email from me with a link to your online gallery where you will be able to instantly download your digital photos.
  • If you wish to purchase products such as albums etc let me know and we can arrange and ordering session at the studio, where you will be able to view all the samples. 


You will need to fill out the contract/model release form before the photoshoot.