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My womb bowl is a beautiful classic addition to any gallery and I will help you master it!  In this video I will show you in-depth how to craft my womb bowl pose . From different wraps and positions (for fussy/reflux babies and sleepy babies), preparing the bowl for baby, details and micro adjustments to improve your photo, how to use some fresh flowers/foliage and how to shoot a variety of images and angles from a bowl set up. You can join my Facebook Group where you will get further advice and ask questions in relation to this video.  

For those that have seen my 'Sleepy baby workflow' in the MilkyWay Retreat this is a great video to follow on from that workflow. 

This video is divided into the following  8 chapters, plus a intro to lighting, props and a guide to the elements and principals of design and how to incorporate them into your bowl images. 

Watch the trailer:

Womb Bowl PDF2.jpg

A detailed Printable PDF booklet guide for you to have in your sessions with you.  Above some example pages.
There is also a bonus editing video for my Hazel&Cass Club members: join HERE

To see my flower wreath set ups make sure you add the 'Crafting a fresh flower wreath' video to your cart too. (See below).
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** Video does not include a full flower wreath set up and creation but this is an add on to this video. 

Due to the digital nature of the products, there are no refunds on the products.

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only available as an add on to the "Art of the womb bowl' video.


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Duration: TBC (aim to be 50 minutes). This is a pre-release sale. The video and password will be emailed to you around 6pm March the 23rd 2018. 

In this video I cover the following things:
Making a boys wreath, turning it into a girls wreath (pictured) and a full flower wreath. 
Shopping for fresh flowers, what to look for in choosing fresh flowers. 
Building up a foliage wreath and a flower wreath from start to finish, tips and tricks to get it looking even and full. 
Posing and photographing a baby in the flower wreath. 
Lots of other tips and tricks to do with design, composition, and building the cost of flowers into your pricing. 
Video comes with a detailed PDF session guide for you to print, including 'Flora' sections. 

Womb Bowl PDF2 2.jpg

*Price in USD Dollars.
** Editing is not included.
*** Video includes me using a plain twig nest to make the wreath. 


Due to the digital nature of the products, there are no refunds on the products.

Please only purchase this video if you have brought the 'Art of the womb bowl video'. Otherwise it will not make much sense. 

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Some feedback from my 'Sleepy baby workflow' tutorial video'.