Model Call Application

2 Babies required for a 1:1 mentoring session in Christchurch, New Zealand

What to expect:

As a newborn model for my mentoring your baby will be used to help me teach another photographer what I do. The session is about 2-3 hours and as a thank you the photographer I am teaching is covering the costs of a session fee and 4 beautiful high resolution digital images (chosen by me). There is an option to purchase more if you wished. 

Ideally I need a newborn girl and a boy, and one baby to come with an older sibling (over 2.5 years old). 

Please fill out the form below to be considered. And email a no hat photo of baby, proof of babies birth date (photo of hospital tag or Plunket book page) and a photo of the sibling (if you have one) to cassandradaly@hotmail.com

Note: Please only apply if your baby will be 7-14 days old on Tues 21st or Wed 22nd September. My booked clients are my top priority so your baby’s images can take longer to receive.  If you have not had baby yet, but think he/she will be here any day now, you can still apply now and get in touch again once baby is here. You MUST NOT be already booked with another photographer. 

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Baby's DOB
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(I formula feed my own wee baby, this is in no way a judgement of how you feed you baby), but this information is helpful for the session.
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Are you prepared to pose for 'parent' photos? Must include mum & Dad. And if there is a sibling the whole family.
If not selected I would like to be considered to be 'oncall' incase there is a last minute cancelation or if the newborn isn't sleepy enough on the day of the shoots and I need to call in a backup.
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