Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph you with your baby bump. Pregnancy is so endlessly amazing to me and I feel truly honoured to capture yours with a series of timeless portraits.

This session guide will tell your everything you need to know about how to best prepare for your session. If you haven’t already, please also read through the Maternity information for clarification on what’s included in with your session.

My studio is in the top right unit of 162 Kendal Avenue, Burnside. There should be parking on the street outside and a sign on our door – no need to knock, just come on in up the stairs!

Hair & makeup is complimentary with your session, but you can opt out of this if you’d rather do it yourself – whatever makes you most comfortable! If you’d like a makeup application please make sure to let us know via email if you haven’t already.




What to expect

  • Your session will run for around 1 hour including Hair & Makeup.

  • You will have the choice between our signature cream or rich brown backdrop.

  • We will also show you a selection of dresses and help you choose one that will best suit your preferred backdrop, body type and personal style.

  • From here we will aim capture three distinct images, usually including one full body dress shot plus a couple close ups in semi-nude then nude. This can of course be changed to suit you.

  • Bring along a couple different bras: one nude (matching your skin colour) if you have one, and another in a different style/colour if you think it may be useful.

  • If we are doing your makeup make sure to wash, exfoliate and moisture beforehand, and bring along your foundation in case we can’t colour match you.




After the session

  • A week or two after your session, you’ll receive your digital gallery via email. You can let us know which image/s you’d like to print or frame in reply to this email.

  • Your frames will take another two, three or more weeks to make, depending on the size.

  • We will email you when everything’s ready, then you can pick them up from the studio at a time that suits.




Framed Art

From the careful design and printing, to the custom build, this whole process is handled in-house by me and my husband/framer, Mike.

We have a hand-picked selection of the worlds most beautiful designs, which you can view online here and in the studio during your personal viewing session. To finish, our frames with TruVue’s patented UltraVue; an archival, UV protected, museum grade glass designed to protect your fine art print for generations to come.

You’ll receive one 11x14” frame along with your session. You can use this to feature your favourite image from the maternity session, or save it for the newborn photos later on.






8x10 $110
11x14 $260
14x14 $290
16x16 $370

20x16 $450
20x20 $480
20x30 $600