Congratulations on your new baby! Thank you so much for allowing me the amazing and rewarding privilege of photographing your new little bundle in his/her first weeks of life. Newborns are one of my passions and I consider myself truly lucky to be around these little miracles all the time.

This guide is designed to help you get the most out of your session. So have a read and let me know if something is not clear or you have any questions. 

My studio is located in the top right unit of 162 Kendal Avenue, Burnside. There should be parking on the street outside and a sign on our door – no need to knock, just come on in up the stairs! Please don’t park out the back or outside the shops – there should be parking on the street.





  • If your baby arrives earlier or later than expected, this is no problem, I am very flexible. Just let me know via email if the scheduled date is no longer going to work and we can working something out.

  • Little Bundle sessions normally take about an hour. Sometimes longer if baby is super hungry or just a light sleeper! If your newborn doesn’t want to sleep or is a bit cranky and you need to attend to their needs, then that is more than ok.

  • They are scheduled back-to-back. So please try you best to be on time, and wait in the car if you arrive early. You can text me on 021 277 1987 if you’re running late, but don’t stress over 5-10 minutes.

  • You’ll likely need to feed your baby throughout the session. We have a breastfeeding pillow available and a kettle for heating up bottles.

  • I keep the studio quite warm for the babies. So dress yourself in something light and comfortable.

  • The props and accessories used are styled to suit you and your baby. We will ask you at the start of the session if you have any colour preferences, show you our selection of little teddies, headbands etc.

  • My lovely sister Maddy works as my assistant. She is there during each photoshoot to ensure the utmost in newborn safety, hygiene and comfort. She will likely also take a few videos throughout that will go up on our Facebook and instagram stories.

  • I may use a dummy during the session to help settle baby. This is just for the hour that I am posing your baby and they will not pick up a habit from the session alone.

  • Please refrain from taking any photos or videos on your phone. I understand how hard it is to resist snapping a picture of everything when you’ve got a new baby, but now for couple hours you can just sit back and relax – we’ve got the photos covered.

  • We’ll put a ‘sneak peek’ up on our Facebook page. This will be a fully edited image of our favourite shot from your session, usually put up the afternoon of or following day.





  • Keep baby awake for 1 hour beforehand. You can do this with a bath, tickling their toes, letting them have a kick about etc. This will ensure that they’re super sleepy and relaxed for the session.

  • Please feed your baby just before you leave. Plus be ready to give them a top up when you arrive if they need it.

  • Dress baby in loose, easy to remove clothing. This makes it easy to undress them on arrival if they’ve fallen asleep on the car journey.

  • Feel free to bring any items you’d like to include in the photos. Such as hand-knitted shawls or special teddies etc.

  • Think about if you would like the macro add-on. If you didn’t already select this on booking, we will double check with you at the start of the session to see if you’d like them. It includes four more close up shots of their little details for an extra $100.





Roughly 1-2 weeks after your session you will be sent a link to your digital negatives in an online gallery. Here you will be able to download them and select the colour or B&W version of each image to print for your linen pouch and the the one for your frame.

If you wanted bigger frames you are able to have a design appointment to help you decide what you may like. I have a gallery of different options and wall displays at the studio that will gives you an idea of the possibilities.





From the careful design and printing, to the custom build, this whole process is handled in-house by me and my husband/framer, Mike.

We have a hand-picked selection of the worlds most beautiful designs, which you can view online here and in the studio. To finish, our frames with TruVue’s patented UltraVue; an archival, UV protected, museum grade glass designed to protect your fine art print for generations to come.

With your Little Bundle you’ll receive an 8x10” frame featuring your favourite image. You can upgrade your frame or add on extras at any point using the pricing below.






8x10 $110
11x14 $260
14x14 $290
16x16 $370

20x16 $450
20x20 $480
20x30 $600