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Wahoo! Well done on snapping up an exclusive Hazel&Cass Easter Mini session!

This handy dandy session guide will tell your everything you need to know about how to best prepare for your session, ensuring that both you and your little valentine have a great time.

If you haven’t already, please also read through the info page for clarification on what’s included in your session and available products. If you didn’t order any frames while booking and think you may change your mind, you can me or my assistant know during your session, or via email once you receive your images. Please note the final cut off for ordering any frames in 24 hours after your image/s are sent to you.

During your session feel free to take any behind the scenes photos or video for your Instagram stories. Be sure to tag @hazelandcassphotography so I can share them to my own!

My Studio is located at 23 Witbrock Crescent, Burnside, Christchurch. This is the two story house on the corner with the white fence and the gate open.

What to wear

  • For the girls, there will be a selection of dresses available for you to choose from with help from our assistants, though we do recommend dressing them in nice whites or light pinks in case we can’t fit them with something you like.

  • For boys under 18 months we have a selection of knitted rompers available. We have a couple of shirts and a pair of pants in the studio for the older boys, but it’s best to bring them dressed nicely just in case. We recomend light colours and natural tones such as a simple white shirt (or topless!) with some nice tan/pale blue shorts.

  • If you are dressing your child yourself keep in mind that lighter colours look best with our setup. Simple whites or creams always look good, but pops of muted pinks, blues, purples and yellows can also look cute with the Easter theme.

  • My assistant Maddy will be floating around to help you prepare and style your little one for their session.

  • Jo Kidd Couture is providing a collection of girls dresses to add to my own selection, which will be available for you to browse and borrow.



What to expect & how to prepare

  • Your session will run for 10 minutes. As the sessions are scheduled back-to back I can’t go over time, so please try your best to arrive with time to spare.

  • My Studio is located at 23 Witbrock Crescent, Burnside, Christchurch. This is the two story house on the corner with the white fence and the gate open.

  • Come on in through the front door and enter the dressing room to the right, where Maddy will give you a number and show you all the available outfits. This is where you can get ready and store your bags, so make sure that you arrive 5-10 minutes before your session to get your little one dressed and ready to go as soon as I call you in to the studio.

  • During the session itself, please leave any extra clothes, nappy bags etc. in the dressing room – all you’ll need is your little cherub, your number and your phone if you want to take any videos. Let me know if there are any funny words, faces or favourite songs that they like (and be prepared to play a bit of peek-a-boo behind the camera).

  • Please note that while these bunnies are very friendly with children, they will be handed over at our discretion for their own wellbeing. We most likely won’t be giving them to toddlers (12-36 months) or any other child who we think may be too busy for them.

After the session

  • Your digital image/s will be sent to you Friday 12th April.

  • 24 hours after we send out these emails will be the final cut off point for ordering any fames or cards.

  • All of the cards and frames will be ready and can be picked up from 9am-11am on Wednesday 19th of April.

Missed out on the card or frame? Flick me an email asap, and I will add any extras you may want to your order: