Our ‘Cherub’ sessions are designed for babies 2-13 months old, perfect for documenting and celebrating their milestones.

We have two options available; the Little Cherub mini sessions and the Classic Cherub full service sessions. Our Little Cherub sessions are great if you only want one or two images, while our larger Classic Cherub sessions are perfect for capturing every little expression, pose and detail of a certain age.

The Classic Cherub and Little Cherub sessions are scheduled respectively on the first Sunday and Monday of February, May, August and November – four times a year. This allows you to easily switch between a smaller/larger session each season, while still keeping each photoshoot evenly spaced throughout the year. 

We recomend documenting your baby’s first year with a series of Little Cherub mini sessions, plus a full Classic Cherub sessions at your favourite age – we recomend around 8 months when they’re sitting and at peak chubbiness!

The Little Cherub mini include a 10-minute photoshoot with 1-2 digital images sent via email, while the Classic Cherub sessions include an hour long photoshoot and wide variety of 5-15 images with matching prints and frames.

If you’re looking for a newborn session, check out our Classic Bundle and Little Bundle options. If your baby is over 13 months or if you’d simply prefer something outdoors, check out our Family sessions and themed minis.

2019 Sessions:
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2-7 months:

Littlest session:

For the our littlest cherubs around 2-3 months who might not yet be ready for tummy time. This age is only available as a Little Cherub session as we won’t be able to provide you with much variety beyond 1-2 images.

Tummy session:

I just love capture babies around 3-7 months as they roll around on their tummies and lift themselves up to start inspecting and interacting with the world and people around them. We can grab one or two shots of them on their tummy in a Little Cherub session, or get some more expressions then flip them onto their back for some tickles to create a larger gallery in a Classic Cherub session.

7-13 months:

Sitter session:

This is my absolute favourite age to photograph, from anywhere between 7-11 months but ideally around 8-9 (before they start crawling) so we can catch them at peak fatness! I recommend a Classic Cherub session at this age so that we can take our time and capture every inch of their personality – from the gummy smiles to the funny faces and those intense, innocent stares.

One year milestone:

Preserve those final few moments around 11-13 months before your baby suddenly decides to become a toddler. Keep in mind that they will start developing a fear of strangers around this age, and we may not be able to get a full gallery such as those below with the Classic Cherub.

The Little Cherub Package includes:

  • A 10-minute photoshoot, scheduled back to back on the first Monday of February, May, August and November.

  • A single digital image, with the option to add an extra (close up) image. Captured on our hand-painted, fine art cream canvas backdrop, along with our collection of layers and props.

  • Assistance with dressing your little one 5-10 minutes before their session, where you can choose to strip them down to capture all those rolls, or pick something from our selection of dresses and rompers.

  • A week or two after your session, you will receive your digital image/s via email, then any prints or frames will become available for pick up in the weeks after that.


The Classic Cherub package includes:

  • An hour-long photoshoot, scheduled back to back on the first Sunday of February, May, August or November.

  • A variety of images including full body and close ups, different angles and poses plus a couple outfit changes. Captured on fine art canvas backdrops (in both our signature cream and rich brown) along with the classic dark wood.

  • A couple of outfits changes during your session using our selection of dresses, rompers, floral headbands, layers and props, styled to suit you and your baby.

  • A personal viewing session a couple weeks after your photoshoot, where you can choose your image package, which includes either 5, 10 or 15 images. You will receive your chosen images online (in both colour and B&W) along with matching fine art velvet prints in a hand-crafted linen 'portrait pocket'. Each package also includes frame credit towards print upgrades or boutique frames.

  • The $100 session fee is required as a deposit at the time of booking to hold your spot, which can be done below.

  • RETURNING NEWBORN CLIENTS there is no session fee and 10% off for you. The $100 deposit will come off your final package.



Mini Portrait

10-minute mini session
and single digital image.


+ Close up

An extra digital image
to capture every detail.

+ $35

+ Prints

A loose, fine art print
to hold and treasure.

+ $20

+ Linen pouch

A handmade ‘Portrait Pocket’
to store your loose prints

+ $55

+ Frame

An 8x10 inch frame to gift or
display (other sizes also available)

+ $80


Session fee

1-hour portrait session
plus viewing session,
(required as a deposit)


5 images

Five digital negatives.
Matching set of prints.
One 8x10 inch frame
or $100 credit


10 images

Ten digital negatives.
Matching set of prints.
Two 8x10 inch frames
or $150 credit


15 images

All digital negatives.
Matching set of prints.
Three 8x10 inch frames
or $250 credit