Why choose Hazel&Cass for your photos?

So you’ve scoured the internet and just about every local photographer’s websites to find THE perfect photographer to expertly capture your impending sweet arrival and you’ve narrowed it down to your favourite few. So now what? When all else is equal, you need to get down to the nitty gritty. Here are some considerations to help you decide.

Newborn photography isn’t as easy as it looks. It requires a lot of patience and skill. A good newborn photographer will be very aware of baby safety and so ensure you know what you are getting they need a very strong portfolio to show off their artwork. You have to remember that you will be entrusting your precious new-to-this-world baby to the photographer, so it’s critical to find someone who you trust. With my experience and skill it becomes a stress free photo session and as a result you get high quality images at the end to treasure forever. 

I have photographed newborns for almost two years now, I am one of New Zealand's leading newborn photographers and I mentor photographers from all over New Zealand. I’m not sure what the exact count is, but I have photographed over 250 newborns to date.


This is a part of newborn photography that I am extremely passionate about. Your baby’s safety is my NUMBER ONE priority during any session.

I spend a bit of time getting to know your baby. What way is his/her head likes to be turned, do they like tummy poses or back poses. Do they prefer being wrapped or naked. I check their shoulders and hips to make sure I don’t put them in poses that will make them uncomfortable or that could hurt them. Because of this understanding of babies I get successful sleepy relaxed sessions almost every time.

Iuse a trained assistant at each and every session, my sister Maddy. She is my second set of hands and eyes and is there to ensure the best in safety and babies comfort. You can then sit back and relax knowing that your newborn is safe and in the best possible hands. We are also both fully vacinated. 


This is probably the last thing you would think about when enquiring about newborn photos, but it is quite important to know how much time a photographer is prepared to invest in your photo session.

My newborn sessions normally involve around 8-10 different poses/sets. Sessions lasting approximately 3-4 hours and result in about 30-35 unique photos. I don’t believe in overwhelming my clients with 50+ photos when half of them look almost identical. I like to spend more time on crafting each image to perfection and not rushing them. I employ the philosophy less is more

An example of a full gallery of photos (with each session you get a colour and B&W version of each image):

Newborn and parents

Newborn and parents

Newborn session with sibling

Newborn session with sibling


These days, customers very often make a judgment on choosing a photographer based on the cost of digital images – just like in old days when considering the cost of the ever popular 10×8 print. I happily sell digital files individually and in collections. I want you to have these files to print keepsake photos and give it to your parents, but I also want to make sure that you have a visually beautiful, touchable record of the session to take home too.

This is why I am a ‘full service’ photographer’. I sell digital packages but I also offer a variety of professional prints and albums at a reasonable price. Digital files can get lost or corrupted with transfers, copies, and even the age of the hardware they are stored on. With how technology evolves, there is a high possibility that USB may be a legacy media in 10 years’ time. Ask yourself how you will present these images 10, 18, or even 50 years down the line? Will you give your son or daughter a USB stick to play on a TV at their 21st or as an heirloom for their children? In terms of ‘backing up’ your photos, digital is good but printing them on a professional fine art paper and framing you photo is still the best way! 


Photos of your beautiful newborn will last forever and ever, and you want to know you will love those photos for many years to come. Personally, photographs that follow trends considered “cool” now tend to date much faster in my opinion. At Hazel&Cass, I aim to take images in as timeless a way as possible, so your child won’t look back at them when they are 21 and go “oh my gosh mum why did you put me in that giant flower hat, how embarrassing”. I use a variety of natural organic props, such a NZ wool layers, woolen vintage style knitted outfits. Classic bonnets, elegant tiebacks, fresh roses and lots of heirloom knitted wraps and blankets.


I ensure you understand the true cost of any session and the products well before booking in. I aim to keep everything as simple and clear as possible and never push any products in viewings. I can arrange some frames, prints, and other specialty products to be available for helping you consider the colour/placement options for your home.

I really want everyone to feel confident when choosing a photographer and that you all end up with someone you are truly happy with. The photographer you decide on might well become your family photographer for life, and this can be such a great relationship to have down the line.

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