Blog 1: The Triplet Session

The first of my 'Trio' of blogs about the O'Leary Triplets.

The first of my 'Trio' of blogs about the O'Leary Triplets.

Introducing Macy, Toby and Sadie. (Although I’m sure you know who they are by now).

I was fortunate enough to photograph these little red-headed treasures at the brand new age of 31 days.

I knew this session would be special from the moment I found out they were triplets, and that the family had a strong red-head gene...

Archy (22 months), Toby, Olly (5 years), Macy & Sadie

Archy (22 months), Toby, Olly (5 years), Macy & Sadie

Once it was confirmed these guys would be visiting my studio my brain started buzzing with ideas on how to make this session extra special. I decided to hire Emma Smart to video the session for me, not only as a beautiful keepsake for the family, but I thought my clients would love to see a behind-the-scenes video in the studio.


Instantly, I started planning some setups for this session with my sister Maddy. For those that don’t know, Maddy is my assistant at all my newborn sessions. She is my second pair of hands and creative eyes. We had this crazy idea that we wanted to do a giant wreath of succulents. REAL ONE

The week before the session our mission to find hundreds of succulents began. We found lots in corners of random parks and friends’ gardens. After two days of urban foraging Maddy gathered them all together and washed every single one delicately so that they stayed in one piece.

The day before the photoshoot Maddy and I realised we had no idea how to make a twig wreath, so we decided to just wing it. We found some bendy twigs and put them all together. It was 11pm the night before the shoot and we were out in the middle of a park, in the dark, collecting more twigs as we decided it wasn’t big enough.

The day of the shoot came. And we were very excited. We were about to see our hard work and planning on the succulent wreath come to fruition with three little babies in the middle of it.


Now, in my books it is not a multiple baby session without putting the three little monkeys into my wooden bed

Stoked Mr Piggy in the middle

Stoked Mr Piggy in the middle

Left toes:  Macy  Middle toes:  Toby &  Right toes:  Sadie

Left toes: Macy Middle toes: Toby & Right toes: Sadie

20170710 Toby,Macy & Sadie-22.jpg

I have photographed triplets before but I will never forget that feeling when the three little capsules arrived at the studio door. Excited, while hoping my plans for the session would all work out.

I found once I had each of these babies on my knee to swaddle them, I could study their little faces, and they felt very familiar. The porcelain skin and the sprinkling of red hair and little blonde eyelashes reminded me of my own babies at this age. Yes... cue my mummy hormones.

I planned only three set ups for this session but it was at this point in the session my hormones kicked in and I went a bit off track and just winged it. I thought, If these were my babies, how would I photograph them?

These tiny humans who shared a womb just 31 days ago, three siblings who found comfort in each others touch. So I decided to document this, I found that when they were naked they loved being snuggled up right beside each other. When I would take one away they would all stir and instantly settle once back in each other’s arms as a complete little trio. 

If this is how full her hands are, imagine her heart.

If this is how full her hands are, imagine her heart.


This photo below was on my 'dream' list to get. This photo took around 45 minutes to one hour to set up.


You most probably have already seen this video. But Emma Smart did a wonderful job at capturing the behind the scenes action! This video features Maddy and I working our magic with the triplets.

With all the attention around this video I have been getting a lot of comments that I must be booked out. But I still have space available, so get in touch if you would love a photoshoot with me.

Cass x 

Maddy Daly | who spent numerous hours planning the big succulent wreath and assisting on the day
Emma Smart of Emma Smart Photography | For the amazing video
Danielle Hardy of Inview Photography | For helping assist on the day
and most of all, Sarah & Fionn O'Leary | For creating such beautiful babies for me to photograph

Coming Soon:

Blog 2: Photographing Multiples - a photographers guide
Including trips and tricks to approaching a session with multiple babies. Also handy information to answer all the questions I have had about my prop vendors featured in this session and that technical mumbo jumbo. 

Blog 3: The reality of going viral
My personal (humorous) take on this whole experience as well as lots of snippets of where in the world this video has been. There is also a awesome giveaway up for grabs to the person that can guess the amount (closest to my guess) of ovaries that have 'burst' around the word thanks to this beautiful trio. More details will be released with this blog post