For the love of fresh flowers

From the moment I began photographing newborns I have been completely in love with how nature’s stunning creations complimented them so perfectly.  I guess I have always felt an affinity between the naturally colourful beauty of flowers and the perfection of new life.  Colour and texture is everywhere around us in nature and I have always been drawn to recreating this in some small way within my newborn work.

“Colours are the smiles of nature”…

As an artist, I create what I love and feel visually connected to and to date I have been incredibly blessed to work with many clients who appreciate and are drawn to my style of colourful floral work.  I have always felt that an artist’s love for what they do shines through their work.  Staying connected who you are and what you are passionate about is key to developing a recognisable and distinctive style.


Cass 🙂