Newborn Triplets


Meet the Miller Family! Beven, Sarah, Tessa (2 years) and Zoe,Jake and Kayla. 

When I heard about the opportunity to photograph triplets I got rather excited. When I heard it was for such an awesome family who totally deserved the photos - I was ecstatic. 

The Millers were in Invercargill and I was in Christchurch. So I made the rather easy decision to drive down with all my gear in tow, all the way to them. 

I know triplets would be no easy task. So I assembled a dream team to help me for the shoot:

  • Emma Smart from Emma Smart Photography. I asked Emma to come help me as she photographed my beautiful Hazel when she was a newborn, so I knew she was totally up for the challenge.  
  • Natalie from All things Nice photography. Not only was she an incredible assistant but she offered up her incredible studio for the shoot. this was perfect as her studio was basically the size of my house, not to mention she had stocked up on lots of snacks and drinks - top lady!
  • Last but not least my husband, who drived Emma and I there and back but also proved himself to be a great newborn photography assistant. Plus I saw the way her was looking at those triplets... I kinda think he was a little clucky....

The week before I was frantically looking around town to find props, matching wraps and hats etc. I had one of everything but not 3 of nothing.  A fellow photographer Annmarie lent me her beautiful wooden bed through to my cousin who let me pick succulents from her garden. 

I knew the only way I could get more then one pose out of this session was to plan it down to the very last set up. So I got a work flow fleshed out and could only pray that it would go to plan.

When they arrived I took each baby one at a time and wrapped them in 4 wraps each. All in order that I was going to be stripping them off for each prop pose. 

I started with the photo of Tess and her sisters and brother. She was so well behaved. I find it hard to get 2 year old to stay still with a newborn in arms, but she totally rocked it with all three - well done Tess!

Next up was some family photos. I kept this rather simple. As I wanted to keep the babies wrapped up for as long as possible without them waking. In the end I think this photo is a beautiful representation of how loving and chilled the Millers were.

After the family photos I striped back a wrap layer and put some little bear hats on the teeny heads, and there you have it... a little nest of baby bears! This pose I do for most of my sessions as newborns just love it and I find will drift off into a deep deep sleep. 

I took the time to get some individual photos of them with the hats on because they looked so darn adorable!

The I unwrapped down to the next layer and pushed there wraps down so that they only wrapped there legs up. I wanted there top half out for this pose. I think this was my favorite. 

Now the big finale. Time to get them naked. this was when they were starting to crack. This pose took us a good 40 minutes of patiently soothing and lots of shushing and molding them into place - the result was well worth it. 

Overall the session took 4.5 hours, which was incredible as sometimes it takes me that long to do 1 baby!