A express session for those that want a little piece of that jiggly, giggly baby goodness with 1 beautiful portrait

Allow: 10 miniutes
3-13 months
Who: Baby only

Document every detail of your favourite age with a collection of 5-15 portraits to treasure forever.

Allow: 1.5 hours
3-13 months
Who: Newborn + siblings + family


Our ‘Cherub’ sessions are designed for babies 2-13 months old, perfect for documenting and celebrating their milestones.

We have two options available; the Little Cherub mini sessions and the Classic Cherub full service sessions. Our Little Cherub sessions are great if you only want one or two images, while our larger Classic Cherub sessions are perfect for capturing every little expression, pose and detail of a certain age.

The Classic Cherub and Little Cherub sessions are scheduled on the first weekend February, May, August and November – four times a year.

We recomend documenting your baby’s first year with a series of Little Cherub mini sessions, and/or a full Classic Cherub session at your favourite age – around 8-9 months is best as they’re sitting and at peak chubbiness!

The Little Cherub minis include a 10-minute photoshoot with 1-2 digital images sent via email, while the Classic Cherub sessions include an hour long photoshoot and wide variety of 10-15 images and a large boutique frame




7-13 months:

2-7 months:

Littlest session:

For the our littlest cherubs around 3-4 months who might not yet be ready for tummy time. This age is only available as a Little Cherub session as we won’t be able to provide you with much variety beyond 1-2 images.

Tummy session:

I just love capture babies around 4-7 months as they roll around on their tummies and lift themselves up to start inspecting and interacting with the world and people around them. We can grab one or two shots of them on their tummy in a Little Cherub session, or get some more expressions then flip them onto their back for some tickles to create a larger gallery in a Classic Cherub session.

Sitter session:

This is my absolute favourite age to photograph, from anywhere between 7-11 months but ideally around 8-9 (before they start crawling) so we can catch them at peak fatness! I recommend a Classic Cherub session at this age so that we can take our time and capture every inch of their personality – from the gummy smiles to the funny faces and those intense, innocent stares.

One year milestone:

Preserve those final few moments around 11-13 months before your baby suddenly decides to become a toddler. Keep in mind that they will start developing a fear of strangers around this age, and we may not be able to get a full gallery such as those below with the Classic Cherub.